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Timing and structure of the Younger Dryas event in northern China 期刊论文
QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS, 2012, 卷号: 41, 页码: 83-93
Authors:  Ma, ZB (Ma, Zhi-Bang)[1,2];  Cheng, H (Cheng, Hai)[3,4,5];  Tan, M (Tan, Ming)[1];  Edwards, RL (Edwards, R. Lawrence)[4];  Li, HC (Li, Hong-Chun)[6];  You, CF (You, Chen-Feng)[7];  Duan, WH (Duan, Wu-Hui)[1];  Wang, X (Wang, Xu)[1];  Kelly, MJ (Kelly, Megan J.)[4]
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Asymmetrical Younger Dryas Structure  Abrupt Climate Change  Asian Monsoon  Kulishu Cave  Northern China